Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Well - it was exciting finishing University, but I won't lie...I feel that it doesn't prepare you for the big, bad world. It's like, suddenly you're throw into the ocean with sharks ready to attack you...and you're sort of left to fend for yourself.

I've spent the last few weeks...trying to sort my life out. Of course, you plan things but they never really go the way you intended them to. For those jobs I tried to apply for last year...I can now do it, simply because I am a graduate. I remember my father saying, there are LOTS of opportunities out there if you study Law and he made it sound so much easier back then.

All I know is...I don't want to end up being homeless, living on the streets and depending on the system (of benefits). I want to be married, raise my children to KNOW that hard work pays off and a husband who is very hard working, supportive and ambitious.

SO...I've been RESEARCHING about the opportunities that MAY be available...if you go out looking and searching. Because, lets be honest, it won't come easy, unless you get off your backside.


If you can't find a job, the most you can do is at least volunteer in your related area of study. For example,  I studied Law, so I could volunteer to work in a FIRM or the Citizen's Advice Bureau, or even the legal department of the City Council. ANYTHING is possible. At least, that way, you pass time and you're not sitting around depressed as you look for jobs, and you NEVER know, wherever you're volunteering, you may find a paid position is available to you.


Although I advise against's best to just sign on the JSA as you SEEK FOR A JOB. This way, you are getting some sort of income. However, I'd really go against this, because I feel that it does make you feel lazy in some way, knowing you have some sort of income, and you probably won't try as hard to look for a job.


As already noted, sitting around doing NOTHING with your day means that you will be stagnant, and that's not a good place to be. To think of it, any person who is in a high position in their career right now must have been motivated to do something with their day. This could mean going for a walk in the plan out your life...or getting involved in Sports. Babysitting sorta helps...well, it helps me pass time, because I love children.


Stay positive. It's very easy to just give up because of rejection after rejection. You feel like you're not worth anything, but something always comes up. Just think, you're not the only person in that position. This is the real world. It's COMPETITION. You're fighting for positions OTHER people want to have. What makes YOU stand out from the crowd? Do some self-reflecting! Get away from the social media, from the music, from everything and just THINK about yourself. Self-reflection really is important.

I'm a Christian and I truly believe that we should truly live by FAITH. This means having faith that the things to come are better than the position you're in right NOW. You may have a feeling of DREAD.  You're fearful of what is to come, your future, and this is a negative place to be. It can lead to depression and it's a burden on yourself.

You should always SPEAK POSITIVE. I believe there is POWER in your WORDS. Therefore, speaking negatively about yourself will not help you. Always, ALWAYS have faith.

Honestly, the things you're facing now are NOT forever. Just remember that the future is BRIGHT. Work hard, play hard and PARTY HARDER.

God bless and love you all.

Chansa xo